The Post-dated Check #5 – Metaworse or Betterverse

The new unreality has arrived. The corporation formerly known as Facebook has declared it so. Everyone should prepare their best digital suit and virtually cruise down to electric avenue (now known as the Metaverse) where our newly minted digital identities may be further monetized. I may have mentioned in previous columns that scenario development often [...]

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The Post-dated Check #4 – Privatokens

What’s happening? Add to your story! What’s on your mind? Those not-so-free free social media platforms keep on exhorting us to market our virtual existences as often as they’d like, so they can sell our personal “brand” provided for free to their algorithm-picked advertisers… Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about getting paid for content [...]

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The Post-dated Check #3 – Extra-curricular Living

In ancient times before February 2020, we, the people, chose – we’ll leave the free will aspect of choice for different day of frolicking through the philosophical worm holes of the universe – to live in communities broadly determined by physical proximity to the things that we need or want. Work, family, study, services, our [...]

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The Post-dated Check #2 – Virtuwalls

In my introductory column, I mused about superficial complexity in the here and now. Through the lens of fast-moving, disposable information, plausible futures are a challenging prospect to foresee and this forestalls deeper thought about the “there and later” that lie over the horizon and beyond the meniscus of our full-laden glass of complexity. What [...]

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The Post-dated Check #1 – Thoughts about thoughts

After several years of thinking about the future, thinking about techniques for thinking about the future and implementing personal strategies to navigate these futures, it has come to this: a semi-regular thought piece about aspects of the future that I find interesting and compelling enough to dedicate some energy to sharing with the world at [...]

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